The owners (Matt and Marsha) were working in other industries, but decided to come together to see what could happen if their skills united.  Marsha had recently graduated from culinary school and was working as a Software Engineer. She wanted to pursue her dream of cooking. Matt, an Auto Finance Manager, was also looking for a change. Both had previous food business backgrounds, Matt owned a BBQ restaurant and Marsha had been a caterer.

Their food journey business begin as Straight From the Kitchen on the Westside of Fort Worth, Texas.  Straight from the Kitchen, LLC was a successful southern food kitchen.  From here,

OOOWWWEEE Wangz N Catifsh was born. 

The mission is to provide provide people with exceptional foods that are cooked to order for superior freshness as well as provide outstanding customer service.

This means serving farm-raised "real" catfish and chicken without hormones or antibiotics. 

About Us...